Animal welfare is of paramount importance & in the centre of everything we do.

Our dedicated, qualified and experienced team ensures that the highest industry standards are followed in the acquisition, stocking and management and daily operations of all livestock.

We assess each and everyone of our livestock suppliers to ensure that they are meeting all international guidelines. We do not handle animals if we don’t know all about them because we might lose them and your capital. MAT ZOOS owners have been passionate about animals since childhood, having now developed the priceless experience in identifying the individual animals to fit for each request we receive.

Most of our Zoo animals are surplus animals from affiliate private collections, zoos and breeders. We are making sure to assess its individual animal’s behavior in person before acquiring each animal.

Understanding animal behavior, we know how important the behavior of each animal in captivity is.

By procuring fish caught with passive techniques or when captivity bred we reduce the chance of mortality due to stress. We then employ a bespoke quarantine strategy, where appropriate, and encourage fish health and durability by naturally boosting immune systems with the use of cutting edge dietary preparations and supplements.

Committed to Conservation both Directly & Indirectly

To us the animal is the most important aspect to any aquarium or animal-based attraction, so we take great pride in caring for them, on your behalf.