MAT Joins the WAZA Community

MAT Filtration Technologies Joins the WAZA Community

MAT Filtration Technologies is excited to announce its membership in the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), as confirmed by Dr. Martín Zordan, CEO of WAZA. Highlighting MAT’s expertise in water filtration technology and dedication to sustainability, Dr. Zordan welcomed MAT as a valuable addition to the global community. Erdem Akartepe, Chairman of MAT, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for joining WAZA, building upon their previous affiliations with other prominent organizations.

“WAZA is pleased to welcome MAT Filtration Technologies as a new member. The institution, with its expertise in water filtration technologies coupled with their emphasis on sustainability, will be a great addition to our global community, with striving towards making their institutions more sustainable.”

–WAZA CEO, Dr Martín Zordan

“On behalf of the entire MAT family, we’re thrilled to join WAZA. Following our years of affiliation with AZA, EAZA, EUAC, EAC, and AALSO, our global perspective has broadened. We’re committed to quality, crafting extraordinary experiences for zoos and aquariums. MAT anticipates contributing through our research and our expert team of veterinarians, aquaculture engineers, and animal specialists”

–Erdem Akartepe, MAT’s Chairman

Beyond being providers of equipment, MAT’s mission is to safeguard animals, preserve nature, and support society. As an example, as part of a Giant Panda conservation program in collaboration with Chinese and Qatari partners, MAT Filtration took on the responsibility of creating an exceptional enclosure, ensuring the well-being of two pandas.